What is Ordinal?

Ordinal is an online museum of art related works allowing widespread viewing of otherwise unseen yet deserving pieces of art.

Are Ordinal artists paid?

Ordinal receives and elects similar works from singular or varying artists to put together a like collection. Artists are always accredited on their prints. Artists may receive proceeds depending on discussed regards. If an artist's work is 'minted', they will receive stake in the work they created for the collection.

What does ordering a print entail?

Ordering a print, you will receive a physical copy of the print with an Ordinal stamped boarder, along comes an individual QR code to access a digital copy of the original work as well as a digital copy of the Ordinal stamped print. The numbered code under the QR scanner may be your access point to a minted collection containing the piece you purchased. Each production will include a set number of prints that WILL NOT change. We recommend keeping your code ;).

District of Columbia i71/i81.

Ordinal operates through the District of Columbia governing regulations, allowing for THC and mycelium gifts to supplied through vendors and partners who choose to do participate in such. Ordering a print online will not entail a gift of any kind. Contact us to get Ordinal in your store today! Time is art, dictate your time. Ordinal supports the way you choose to use your time and appreciates you for.....just being.

When will the first minted collection drop?

The first minted collection will drop at a random time after our 6th collection of art has completed sale.